Address of the Minister of Education and Science to Ukrainians

Today is a month of heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression. A month of resistance! The month of inviolability! This was the address of the Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Shkarlet.

During this time, 566 educational institutions were affected by bombing and shelling, 73 of which were completely destroyed. The aggressor claims that he strikes only at the military facilities of our country. But we have gathered numerous facts and arguments that refute this statement: the Russian aggressor is destroying homes, kindergartens, schools and universities. These 29 days changed our lives forever. But we have proved that Ukrainians are a strong, steadfast and freedom-loving nation that will fight to the end for its victory and independence!
Each of us is doing our best to bring victory closer: some are stopping tanks with their bare hands, some are protesting in occupied cities, some are preparing the most delicious food for our military, some are praying to God, and some are continuing to teach and hold the educational front. . It is thanks to such interaction and the efforts of the proud people, who love their homeland above all else, that the invaders' plans to seize our land failed.

We will definitely win! We will build an even better Ukraine! We will never forget the feat of our heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!