Museum of Archeology

Museum of Archeology of Prykarpattya

Studying the ancient history of the Carpathian region is an integral part of the training of historians. The main sources for the study of this time are archaeological sites. The Museum of Archeology of the Prykarpattya region, created in the early 1980’s, enables students, students, residents of the city and the region to see the light gray area of ​​our region. The collection of the museum’s exhibits is based on materials found by students and faculty of the Faculty of History during the work of the archeological expeditions in which they participated. The exposition of the museum is built according to archaeological periodization and opens with showcases dedicated to the Paleolithic (Stone Age) and Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age). The first ceramic products in the Carpathian region, as well as implements of flint and other rocks are presented in the Neolithic showcase. The largest part of the museum exhibit is devoted to the Trypillian culture of the Stone Age. Here you can see ceramic utensils, wood and leather tools, arrow sharpeners, inserts to sickles, grain grinds from the Trypillian settlements of Beleloui, Markivtsi, Sokil, Khomyakivka, which were excavated by university expeditions. The following parts of the exposition cover the material culture of the ancient population of the Precarpathian Bronze and Early Iron Age. The materials of the early Slavic times and the days of the Galicia-Volyn principality are always very much used by visitors.